WooCommerce Product Colors – plugin

I write this plugin for one of my project.

Here You can view Demo

You can get this plugin here

On Shop page visual only 2 products, but they are actually 4 in admin. Bottom of picture is color variation of products.Every color box is link to variation of product.And with mouseover on color-box change big picture of product, title of product, link to product and price of product.Here is Demo

In single product page color box is active links to the same product in different color.This is Demo.


In Admin page we have 2 new boxes –Product Color and Color Group.

In Product Color box we choose a color of product witch is visual in shop page and product page.

In Color Group we bring the name on group of products.In every product we mast choose the group.

Project where I use similar approach is here


This is all of products we have in admin products in woocommerce.

To show only one of products color group we have to choose one of group with settings Catalog visibility: Catalog/search from Publish option box in product  – picture – option 1 ,

and other of group with settings Catalog visibility: Search from Publish option box in product – picture – option 2.

option 2
option 2

















After install plugin is recommend to use regenerate thumbnail tool